Planning a Wedding In Six Months

1 year 3 months ago

Industry statistics show that almost 40% of all couples get engaged between November and January, taking advantage of the holiday season and plenty of family gatherings.  Once you settle down off of the high of popping – and saying ‘yes’ to – the big question, planning gets moving in full swing.  You may quickly find that your preferred dates have been booked for the coming year, especially if you are planning on peak season months (May, June, September, and October).  If the idea of waiting another whole year does not appeal to you, keep calm; you can still have your dream wedding! 

Many couples believe they need a minimum of a year to plan their big day, and while this may prove true for some, others find a short engagement to be just what they are looking for.  So, can you plan a wedding in six-to-nine months?  Absolutely!  Here’s how:

Get organized – Planning a large event of any kind takes organization, and even more so when you have a shortened time to iron out all of the details.  A wedding specific calendar might be just the tool you need to keep those appointments and deadlines straight.

Resources – Wedding professionals of all kinds are extremely knowledgeable and have seen it all.  Lean on your vendors for suggestions and connections.  Your venue will usually have a list of vendors they’ve worked with before and can recommend.  This means less time needed on your end to vet their work. 

Flexibility – Keep an open mind when looking for vendors; you may find that many of your first choices are booked, but that doesn’t mean the right vendor isn’t out there.  Also, you might find that with vendors trying to fill in the missing dates on their calendars, they are willing to offer discounts.  Stay flexible and you’re sure to find the right fit for you and your fiancé. 

Simplicity – For some couples, the longer the planning time, the more they take on.  Pinterest is terrific, and we all have our dream wedding boards, but those DIY projects take time and can really start to add up!  The less time you have to plan, the more focused you will be to keep things simple – but still elegant.

At the end of the day, it’s your big day, and the planning process – while at times stressful – should be fun.  No matter how long you have to plan your wedding, keep this in mind and your day will be perfect!