Skip the stress! Celebrate post-holiday

1 year 4 months ago

With the end of the year quickly approaching, companies of all sizes are feverishly looking to plan their annual holiday party for their employees.  The initial thought for most planning committees is to book this event in the middle of December; however, with limited dates and venues available to accommodate, stress begins to set in.  Why not skip the stress and plan your party post-holiday? 

  1. Availability – Venues often have far more availability in January (and even November if you want to go earlier in the season).  This means those prized Thursday options are easier to snag!
  2. Planning – The holidays bring with it a multitude of personal commitments as well as year-end business tasks.  Hosting a post-holiday party gives you more time to plan and eliminates unneeded stress during an already busy month. 
  3. Deals – Who doesn’t love a deal?  Many venues will offer promotional pricing for events booking in January, keeping your costs low for the company or the staff who often pay their own way.
  4. Boosts morale – Many of us experience a post-holiday blues when all of the fuss of the season settles down.  Hosting your annual gathering in January gives your employees something to look forward to as they get into the swing of a new year. 

If you're looking for the perfect place to celebrate the holiday season with your staff, don't forget to check out Water's Edge Events Center for your venue and catering needs.  Dates are still available for December and January.  (2017 Holiday Season calendar will open early next year.)